Tuesday, April 26, 2016

The More Things Change, The More They Stay The Same

In the last week, we here at Liberty Dispatch have been rough on Ernest Bailes. We do so because we feel he is not the right man for the job. It is as simple as that. At every event we have heard Mr. Bailes speak, he just doesn’t quite get all of the Conservative points in relation to government, individualism and the founder’s view of severely restricted government and a people free from its coercion. From refusing to acknowledge property taxes are an issue, to not seeing the issue Joe Straus has cost the Conservative side.  

We could have made this point without digging into every aspect of the negatives in his campaign. We could have done the perfume flowery comparison of the two. However, we were sickened to hear how Bailes decided to go after Strahan. We simply suggest Ernest run on his own merit.

The local Chairman in Liberty County is corrupt. He diminishes the office he holds by not following party rules, ignoring his executive committee and divisiveness. We fully expected a man like Ken Coleman to stoop to dirty politics once his feelings were hurt. But, we expected better of Bailes.  

These stories are known by many people in our county of underhanded, buddy placing, friends above competence in positions. An elite few who think they rule the kingdom and appoint yes-men. Every election you can think of in this county has a backdoor side where someone is plotting against someone because they’re not just like them. Those people are usually quite irrelevant and honestly provide great amusement. Let’s see, at one time they tried to say Ross Ward wasn’t from Liberty when he ran against Ken Coleman. Oh, and who can forget the postings about Jay Knight having an adulterous affair on the hood of his car and supposed video of it when he ran against McNair. As well, Leon Wilson was a racist when he ran against Norman Brown. People see this cycle after cycle here. It is nothing new. The problem is when the light is shown upon all their disgust. They are shocked someone will finally say something. Then of course, it’s off to discredit who’s exposed their corruption.

 This go around, they went to attack not only a good man who was born and raised here, but included folks to spread this ugliness that they are overtly aware they are selling a false narrative. We’re sorry, but that’s just wrong. In fact, some of those same people who KNOW these stories and even felt the nastiness directed at themselves have joined the propaganda, either knowingly or out of ignorance. They added Bailes to those talking points and weakened him as a candidate.

Now, if you want to sit around drinking tea and having cookies with the likes of old Liberty gossips and no good washed up politicians like Tookie Kirkham and Terri Bivins, that’s fine. Nothing wrong with being in the club and feeling important. But, here at Liberty Dispatch, we have never come in soft on such people and their actions. We won’t start now. We’ve been doing that way since 2006.


Anonymous said...

That's not fair mentioning Tookie Kirkham, Bill PukeCannon's buddy. Tookie can't hear you because of all the air whistling between his ears. Tookie had three good brain cells left and he lost them when the last flood occurred in Liberty County. As for Bailes, maybe Tookie and his clown act can follow Bailes around sucking up to him wanting to be petted like Pavlov's dog ... Like he did with Brian Babbin until Babbin finally had to run Tookie and his clown act off...

Anonymous said...

Bailes is a complete waste of space and a fake Republican like Mark Beausoliel if Bailes gets elected there will be free abortions performed in Liberty County, you will have people coming to Shepard and Liberty for abortions.

Anonymous said...

It may not be the smoking gun, but the number of former Democrat party activists pushing for Bailes is a good hint for conservatives if they need any more information. Here isthe way I lookat it. Strahan will not just defend the Constitution, he will try to rstore it. Bailes on the other hand, will be available to Democrats when they really need him. He has a couple of issues he is an actual conservative on and will not sell out. But he is on retainer on other issues. I wish it were not true, but he is pre-corrupted or compromised BEFORE he even gets to Austin - God forbid.