Tuesday, May 17, 2016

Bailes - More Liberal Funding

Now that early voting has begun, we here at Liberty Dispatch want to remind you of a few facts as well as a final reminder to always follow the money. However, the most important thing we can do is remind you all to get out and vote. Of course we'd prefer you choose Strahan over Bailes and Poston over Beausoleil, but no matter what, vote!

Any Texas Conservative worth their salt knows who Charles Butt is. He is the man behind the HEB grocery chain. He also gave Ernest Bailes (candidate for HD 18) $15,000.00. For those of you who may not know about Mr. Butt, you're in for a shock.

"Charles Butt, the Texas billionaire magnate behind the H-E-B supermarket chain which forbid the open carry of firearms law that went into effect January 1, 2016, opposes school choice, funds anti-school choice lobbyists, and is even credited for his role in killing a 2011 state bill banning “sanctuary cities.”"- BreitBart, 1-3-2016      

"More than 85 percent of Texas Republicans voted to bring competition to public education, but one Texas billionaire is spending his money to make sure kids are trapped in failing schools."- EmpowerTexans, 1-18-2016

"Charles Butt and Texas Parent PAC are dumping money into legislative campaigns as the primary approaches. Parent PAC is a liberal group ostensibly dedicated to education. Really, the group seeks to maintain a status quo in which Texans fatten education interest groups in a system that continues to under-perform at educating children..... Charles Butt has been the outfit's main benefactor since its inception." - Agendawise.com. 2-26-2014

That is correct, Bailes has taken money from one of Conservative Republican's biggest enemies in Texas. Butt has opposed our Texas Values at every turn from the open carry of firearms, to supporting illegal immigration and blocking school choice. Remember, Republican voters voted overwhelmingly to de-fund sanctuary cities, while one of Mr. Bailes major donors has fought to keep cheap labor and illegal immigration alive and well in Texas. Also, we noticed former Rep. John Otto has added an additional $10,000.00 to Mr. Bailes. That puts John now in over $60,000.00 between two candidates to stop Mr. Strahan from taking this seat.

So, in review, we can clearly see Mr. Balies has been funded by many establishment PAC's. He has now retained almost all of John Otto's old PAC money. Mr. Otto himself seems to have a vested interest against Mr. Strahan. When big money joins forces this hard to prevent a popular candidate the people supported (1st Place Vote Total)  over money, when life isn't that important, when property tax relief for the working man is dismissed as being naive, then you know the guy all of that interest is pointed at- is the guy you NEED to support.  Big money fears the people and the election of representatives who they can't control more than anything else. We are confident Bailes will govern as a puppet to Austin money. Liberty Dispatch cannot make it any more clear how Ernest Bailes does not represent Conservative Values. We're even more concerned over him now that he is in bed with illegal immigration supporters like Charles Butt. 

Why does Ernest continue to gobble up liberal special interest money? 

Ernest Bailes; Liberal Republican - Bad for Liberty County, Bad for Texas

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Anonymous said...

Bailes taking money from and anti-carry, anti-gun person is nothing more than a Democrat in Republican clothing .... Bailes, you are a disgusting human being.