Wednesday, May 25, 2016

Election Commentary

One Democrat was solidly defeated and one snuck in, here in Liberty County last night.

We are thrilled to see Matthew Poston take the County Attorney position. We wish him well.

Mark and Liz Beausoliel should perhaps consider returning to the Democratic Party and taking Todd Fontenot with them.

Ernest Bailes proves once again John Otto's dirty lobby money can buy anything around here. We will keep our eyes on Mr. Bailes to a level he cannot even imagine going forward. Next cycle, Mr. Bailes will have a record he will have to defend. And, if we were betting people here at Liberty Dispatch, we'd bet it'll be fairly horrible enough to make him easily beatable.

Liberty Dispatch holds high hopes that Mr. Daniels, the new incoming Republican Chairman, can create a decent and respectable party that has been desperately needed in Liberty County for some time. Liberty Dispatch has it on good word Mr. Daniels will be a fair Chairman and we can expect a professionalism outgoing Chairman Ken Coleman seems to have all but lost.

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