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Tuesday, May 10, 2016

Follow The Money- Always

Always follow the money! In most political situations, that is always the best answer to any questions one may have. Liberty Dispatch has shown that Bailes is clearly owned by special interest PAC money from Austin and big business. But, likely what concerns conservatives most is his money connections locally.  

As we addressed here, Bailes' major contributions locally raise eyebrows as well. His connections with Democrats and others involved in past embarrassing Liberty County scandals and Federal Indictments is a glaring example of such things. 

Our question here at Liberty Dispatch is, are we really conservatives, or are we merely Republican's of convenience? Believe it or not, THIS election answers that question. 

Liberal Republican candidate bought by outside money, or Constitutional Conservative for the people? It is your choice HD 18, choose wisely. 

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Anonymous said...

I haven't lived here long enough to know about all of this. I need to Google and read up on it all I suppose.