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Monday, May 2, 2016

How It All Connects

As we get closer to the runoff election in HD 18, Liberty Dispatch wanted to review our recent posts about the State Representative race. We clearly showed a local Chairman going rogue. We provided video and emails of the lengths people have gone to in order to advance their agenda's over the will of even those elected to represent the people in the Republican party. We showed some of the money going into the Bailes campaign and how some of the same people that have been involved in all of the other issues we have in Liberty County are involved in his campaign. Lastly, we covered the consulting firm Bailes has used and some of the shenanigans they have been involved in throughout the state. These articles add up to show a picture of someone in bed with the establishment politics that we in Liberty County have tried to break free from for years.

While we are aware Bailes fans are angered, we only have shown that which some do not want to see. Some thought our attack on Murphy-Nasica somehow translated into Bailes being like the company he was keeping. We were glad to see this angered some. Why? Clearly, they did not want to see the crowd behind the curtain of his campaign. Yet, how soon many have forgotten, it was Bailes himself that stood up in public and suggested the untruths about Mr. Strahan first. He was used by the outgoing leadership in Liberty County  to send a message out that only fed their agenda. How easily one was swayed by local outgoing leaders before doing research only speaks to how easily one is swayed in Austin.  

So, what are we left with? We can clearly show through documented sourcing what we have stated. The Bailes campaign however, can only say Mr. Strahan is something he is not. He is attacked because he's a business attorney. Yet, every business owner, even Mr. Bailes himself, have no issue calling on people like Mr. Strahan for legal counsel in their business. Mr. Strahan is scorned by the Bailes campaign for caring for his aging parents. Liberty Dispatch takes a different view of this situation and sees nothing wrong with a son helping his parents. We could only wish more in our society felt compelled to return the love and care our parents gave us as children when they are elders.  And, of course, how can we forget the glaring statement that somehow Mr. Strahan has no grasp on taxation issues because he doesn't own property? Clearly, being a property owner doesn't make much of a difference in  taxation education as Mr. Bailes thinks property taxation is a good thing and even considers that thinking of alternative methods is naive. Yet, 75% of Republican voters disagree with him here, which they clearly stated in the last primary when supporting Prop 1. Liberty Dispatch feels by this alone, Mr. Strahan clearly has more of a concept of taxation than Mr. Bailes does.

In the end, all Liberty Dispatch has done is applied the same innuendos Bailes has tried to hitch to Mr. Strahan and applied them to himself. Clearly, turnabout doesn't please them. Imagine that?

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Anonymous said...

Man I'm shocked that an alleged Republican like Ernest Bailes would take money from a PRO ABORTION group.... WOW JUST WOW!