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Monday, May 23, 2016

Letter To The Editor

This reader actually included his name and said we could use it. Refreshing change!

Dear Liberty County Voters,

As of tomorrow, it will all be over. We all will get a much needed break from political ads and mailers. Those that work on campaigns will get a much needed break as well. However, the results will matter and have a lasting impact. I have no doubt Ernest Bailes is a great man. I know Keith Strahan is. I have decided to send this out to a few friends on behalf of the vote tomorrow. In addition, I have also sent calls out to my entire precinct this evening to help turn out voters for Keith Strahan.

While both men can be great men, that we have to choose from tomorrow, they cannot both win. I can attest, personally, that running for public office is not an easy task. Whether it be a simple Precinct Chair race or a race for a seat inside a grassroots group, you give it your all and you believe in your reasons for running. I have not known Keith Strahan as long as some in this community. I have known him as long as I have been involved here in the local Republican Party and the Republican Liberty Caucus.  Knowing the pressure and hardship one goes through to seek this office, I am immeasurably proud of him for doing this. Keith did this because of his love of this community and his love for the people of Texas - Nothing more, nothing less. He sees what many Conservative Republicans see in our Texas House, and have seen for years. A heavy air of dysfunction hangs over that pink dome. We have Republican Leadership allowing the murder of babies while our speaker kills all legislative advancements to stop abortion in Texas. We have a Republican led House that continues to saddle unsuspecting Texans with more and more debt. We have a border that pours in illegal immigrants and human trafficking in untold numbers. We have had past representation here in HD 18 that has given little, if any, attention to the true needs of this district. Mr. Otto’s newspaper blurbs about doing something in Austin, which was usually beneficial to some special interests, served as a brief reminder that someone in a city far away was doing things that failed to represent home.

What we must break free of, in our county, is this obsession that because we know someone and that someone is a good Christian man he's the right man. That doesn't mean that person is right for the job of leadership. Also, stating facts, that may be uncomfortable to hear by candidates and their followers, isn't mud-slinging when they are true statements and they will impact the behavior of that person in the job for which he is applying.

Ernest Bailes lives in San Jacinto County and Keith Strahan lives in Liberty County. I don't care what you hear, both of those facts are true. I know how Keith has fought to educate an electorate in our area. I have seen him at local Republican meetings. I have seen him on forums and panels discuss his belief system and his vision of government from Houston to Beaumont to Dayton. I have had many discussions with him on Conservative topics and local issues for years. I have never seen Ernest Bailes at a Republican event until he decided to run for office. I can count the number of Republican events I have missed in the last 8 years on a few fingers, so I can tell you factually, Liberty County Conservatives were of no concern to Mr. Bailes prior to this election. The Republican Party was also of no concern to Mr. Bailes prior to this election. I saw him show up at one meeting and simply regurgitate a line or two from a County Chairman who was recently defeated, which included the belief that property tax abolishment was not a Republican belief. For a point of information, this is actually a legislative priority in the 2016 Republican Party of Texas Platform.  

I have been involved in enough elections to know how to follow money and to know, no matter what a candidate says, who will be controlling those votes. It was for this reason, though I found Wes Hinch a nice guy, his being 97% funded by John Otto made him a poor choice for State Representative. Mr. Bailes has huge amounts of funding from leadership PACs in Austin. The worst, I am sure everyone has seen by now, was the donation by Charles Butt of HEB of $15,000.00. Mr. Butt has worked endlessly spending his fortune fighting Conservatives in the State of Texas. He has fought open carry of firearms, he has fought school choice and he has supported amnesty and illegal immigration. Texas Farm Bureau, though a great support system to local farmers, has given Bailes a huge sum of money while they have advocated for amnesty and illegal immigration in Texas.  So, while I can clearly forgive some offhand backers that may be bad apples, when I see a candidate clearly bought and paid for, I take an issue with that. I take an issue when a man I have never seen invested in the Conservative Movement runs for office and is backed by all of the money that has been spent to literally kill and stop all Conservative advancements in the Texas House. I take an issue that he claims to represent the Conservative issues that are important to my party, but hasn't sat in on a party discussion or event in the last 8 years.

This, my friends, is not mud-slinging, these are the facts of the election before us now. We can reclaim our district and send a true Conservative to Austin, or we can continue to send future lobbyists in training like Mr. Bailes to Austin. We have the chance to add to the numbers of members fighting for Conservative legislation in the House, or we can send someone, to get along with the Democrats and corrupt leadership, who will work to stop true Conservative policies in Texas from becoming law. Please, choose the only Conservative Republican in this race. Please, vote for Keith Strahan for HD 18 Representative.

In Liberty,
Jeff LeBlanc
Chairman - Republican Liberty Caucus of Texas
Precinct Chairman Elect- Precinct 10, Dayton Texas

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Anonymous said...

Bailes is not a great man, he is a hack for John Otto and Wes Hinch.