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Sunday, May 8, 2016

This Week- Bailes Facts

As we close in on the final two weeks of the local runoffs, Liberty Dispatch will continue to put forth the facts on Ernest Bailes and his backing by Austin Lobbyists and Corrupt RINO Leadership Straus organizations. As we know, this final stretch will stuff our mailboxes with plenty of political ads from both campaigns. If what we have seen from Bailes is any indication, we're sure it will be more lies. We must decide if we want special interests buying our district, or if we want voters electing a representative of the people here.

While Liberty Dispatch is completely fine with angered Bailes supporters, as much as they protest, we can back up every claim they make with facts and citations. The opposition- not so much, as we saw with branding Mr. Strahan as a Personal Injury Lawyer, which was false. Liberty Dispatch, unlike some in local leadership (We'll deal with those next election), will back our hometown candidate. Not because he is just that, but because he is the ONLY conservative in this race. And, you're either a Republican or you aren't. Saying so without action- is empty.

Dear Mr. Beausoleil, we intend to continue to remind voters in these final days about your liberal pass and shady mail fraud accusations.

1 comment:

Andrew Mccreight said...

I no longer live in HD-18 but after reviewing both of the Candidate's Web Pages I came to the conclusion that Mr. Bailes presentation comes across more as Democrat and/or Republican Establishment type of candidate. This is a very topical analysis but if I were voting in HD-18 I would not vote for Bailes. I would vote for Strahan because I like his short precise issue tab information. I understand where he is coming from and where is going-Politically.

Andrew McCreight