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Tuesday, May 3, 2016

UPDATED: TLR; Once An Ally, Now An Anti-Conservative PAC

Ernest Bailes was endorsed by another big money, anti-conservative PAC yesterday, and in the usual fashion seems proud to be backed by another PAC connected to Joe Straus  that waters down Conservative Values. TLR (Texans for Lawsuit Reform) once was a champion for issues many supported. However, as with most large money PAC's, over time dissolved into nothing more than a big money campaign against usually good conservatives in favor of more moderate RINO's. While TLR had good interests at heart in its roots, eventually some legislation they wanted became too much of a crony capitalism organization for Republicans that held solid principles above favoring certain industries. At that time, it all began to fall apart. Since then, they have supported moderate Republicans and even pro-choice Republicans.

Back in 2009 & 2011, the tides began to turn against TLR.

"The conservative movement in politics has always been populated by two basic kinds of actors. One kind are the true believers, the “life and liberty conservatives”. True believers are all soldiers in the same army. Legislators of this stripe can be counted on to be solidly conservative on every issue, and can also be counted on to side with the people on unpopular fiscally conservative votes that specially privilege crony conservatives.....The other kind are “business conservatives”, in the fight to improve business conditions for themselves and/or those who sponsor them. As fiscal conservatives, they are unreliable when a big government vote helps one of their sponsors. Socially, they are only as conservative as they have to be to get elected. Social issues generally aren’t “compass” issues for them."

"On the whole, TLR's actions can be viewed as a show of support for Speaker Joe Straus. In spite of the connections Straus' leaders have with liberals and his stalling of conservative measures like spending limits in 2009 and 2011, TLR's issue is safe." Further information about this is covered here as well:

Even leading Conservative voice Dr. Hotze has weighed in against TLR's activities and its support of pro-choice candidates like Sarah Davis: "(TLR), a bi-partisan organization formed to support common sense reforms in civil justice in Texas back in the 1990’s, that has helped elect dozens upon dozens of pro-choice, anti-family Democrats who they have funded with millions of dollars. They have also supported Republican Sarah Davis, the only openly pro-choice Republican in the Texas Legislature because they support TLR’s pro-business lawsuit agenda"- (via Texas Conservative Review)

King makers? "The people who provided most of TLR's PAC money made fortunes in industries with heavy legal liabilities... these industries include: the chemical and energy industries (toxic pollution, accidents); builders (injured workers and lemon homes); property managers (premises liability); accounting and investment firms (securities lawsuits) and medical manufacturers (patient injuries). In Texas-where there are no limits on most political contributions-the influence of the TLR tycoons extends far beyond their tort money. TLR's top 24 donors spent a total of at least $4.5 million to influence Texas politics in the 2000 election cycle. Houston homebuilder Bob Perry spent an astounding $912,500 in the 2000 cycle. In fact, all but three of TLR's top 15 donors gave more than $100,000 apiece to Texas PACs and candidates. Such donors go beyond mere political influence: they are king makers whose personal checks can determine who wins or loses a competitive race."-

Bottom line, once again, it is shown most of these major PAC's in Texas are not only focused on their pet issues, but tend to let all other Conservative issues fall by the wayside. Their advancement is paramount, not principles.

Liberty Dispatch continues to find more information daily about the ties to the Bailes campaign by liberal agenda leadership groups and PAC's. Once again, the King makers have started to try to buy our votes in Liberty County. Do we want to once again sell our representation to big money? Or, are we looking for a true conservative representative of us locally?  One man in this race is clearly being bought by special interests, one is not. Make the right choice.

UPDATED (4:22 PM) Some interesting information was sent in late this afternoon to us. Is this the organization Mr. Bailes is so proud of gaining the support of? Pro-Choice Representation and Gay Marriage supporting Republicans and Democrats? The biggest reaper of TRL's funding this primary season? 


He once sat on the Board of Directors for Planned Parenthood. He ran in the 2016 Democratic Primary against State Rep. Sergio Munoz (D-Mission RER18).  His name is Abraham Padron.
Abraham Padron was the single biggest TLR stakes winner for the 2016 primary – in either party.  The “conservative” graciousness of real estate mogul Dick Weekley and Texans for Lawsuit Reform PAC (TLR) endowed the Padron campaign with a cool $173,500 according the Texas Ethics Commission filings – about the equivalent of the yearly salary of a United States member of the Senate or House of Representatives.  Weekley flipped over an easy $10,000 under his own name from his pocket change.

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Johnson Family said...

That's because Ernest Bailes is a whore as far as taking money is concerned. This is the same old buying of American politicians that has got us into the trouble we are in now. Thank you Liberty Dispatch for exposing Ernest Bailes, if I didn't have this story I would have unknowingly maybe voted for this obvious corrupt individual. Scary...