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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

New Chairman Sworn In LCGOP

New days are here for the local Republican Party as on June 13, 2016 a new county chairman was sworn in to take over the Liberty County Republican Party. This clearly marks the beginning of the transition of the party to a new generation of Republicans as Ryan Daniel will be one of the youngest county chairmen in recent memory. 

Some embrace this change and some don't, as always. However, the reality of the situation is the Republican Party youth are coming of age and while the hard work of elders is respected, we must carry on. The conservative message remains strong. Even our founders pondered these issues. "The question, Whether one generation of men has a right to bind another..." said Jefferson in a letter Madison. Additionally, "The generations of men may be considered as bodies or corporations. Each generation has the usufruct of the Earth during the period of its continuance. When it ceases to exist, the usufruct passes on to the succeeding generation free and unencumbered and so on successively from one generation to another forever. We may consider each generation as a distinct nation, with a right, by the will of its majority, to bind themselves, but none to bind the succeeding generation, more than the inhabitants of another country." Jefferson to John Wayles Eppers.

And so, we're proud to see the party move forward. The new Facebook page is already up and functioning, censor free, finally. Also, it appears the official GOP page that was once used to slander candidates and conservative organizations is being updated. We're excited to see its replacement, a page that will serve its original intent and purposes. Great job on the new leadership of the LCGOP, and good luck!

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