Tuesday, January 16, 2018


Politics can be a dangerous place for the truth. Before Liberty Dispatch ask it’s readers to swallow the sudden fall from grace of District Clerk Donna Brown, we will require a response to some of the questions we have asked. It may be a fall or it could be an undeserved untrue push. We will know soon enough and we will report what we find out either way.

Donna Brown is the first District Clerk of Liberty County from the GOP’s side of the ballot in decades and the probability of having accumulated political enemies is likely. Or more timely enemies that come with the usual hardball politics that occur during election time could be the source of all of the negativity surrounding Donna in January of 2018.

We have heard the rumors. The accusations of “selling a line of products for women in a space that used the courthouse like a store in the mall”. Or using the first floor of the courthouse like it was “bus stop for children”.  Or in order to fulfill a campaign promise and “impress voters”- “adopting procedures and practices of recording important documents that expose her personally and the county to legal problems”. 

Soon we will independently report our findings whether pro or con as for Donna Brown. If the rumors are just rumors, we will try and find the source of the rumors and exact political payback for attacking an innocent public servant. If the rumors pan out and are true, we may encourage Donna Brown “to resign or terminate her campaign” as one of the rumors suggest she is considering.

Stay tuned. 

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I am behind on my news, please follow up on this as soon as you can. Thank you!