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Monday, February 26, 2018

Judges doing Judge Business...and those who would try to soil them... UPDATED


Local Judge Candidate Mark Beausoliel is challenging sitting Judge Chap Cain. Challenger and Husband of past Democrat chairwoman Liz Beausoliel- Candidate Mark Beausoliel is seeking to damage the sitting Judge by saying he is hearing cases from contributing law firms. Like usual, Mark Beausoliel is trying to pull one over on the voters by making a sitting Judge look like he is doing something wrong, when he is not... It’s very common practice for judges to take contributions from many, many law firms. Judges like Cain treat all cases the same and with correct judicial oversight.

Mark Beausoliel and his wife Democrat chair Liz Beausoliel are a blight on the Liberty County community, over the years they have tried everything they could to “steal” political positions and offices from the voters through more than alleged intimidation, theft, fraud and deceit. The last major drama they were involved in was stealing Judge Cain’s US Mail in an attempt to prove he was doing something wrong - THAT'S THE ONLY CRIME HERE!

What’s crack-house rat crazy now is that Mark Beausoleil is going on a internet radio blog by Jeff Leblanc and peddling his and his wife’s theft as some kind of new revelation of wrong doing by Judge Cain when the only story here is a conspiracy to intercept and steal the US Mail by the Beausoliels.

If Liberty County ever elects any Beausoliel’s they will doom Liberty County to criminal culture of extreme corruption... Voter Beware!

Houston Chronicle Story-

  • Houston Chronicle: "But the faxed letter has raised questions about the privacy of mail in the courthouse. Cain said that he noticed that the window pane on the envelope had been pried up, but at the time he did not think anything about it."
  • Chap Cain: “I feel like whoever did this violated my civil rights. They violated my trust. You expect people to respect your privacy and rights, but I can’t say that I am surprised. A person with any scruples would know not to do that sort of stuff,” said Cain."
  • Houston Chronicle: Once the parties involved in the fax and mail tampering have been identified, they could face the federal charge of Obstruction of Correspondence, which could lead to fines and imprisonment of up to five years, or both." 

The Beausoliels along with Phil Fitzgerald got away with this crime....
Special thanks to Jennifer Regen for the inspiration ...


Anonymous said...

I googled Mark and Liz Beaosiliel and this is a true story. Phil Fitzgerald was involved in this too. How do these people (criminals) have the nerve to run for public office?

Anonymous said...

Yep, Fitzgerald and his secretary, Fregia, discovered the letter and called in both Beausoleils to map out a smear strategy. ALL were involved in the mail theft.

Anonymous said...

the swamp needs to be drained in liberty county .