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Saturday, February 3, 2018

Rod Rosenstein should be fired: Andrew McCreight

I say that Rod Rosenstein should be fired for his participation in the Russian Dossier Conspiracy!

He signed the FISA request that was presented to the FISA Judge. You cannot tell me that he did not know that the Dossier was a setup to get Donald Trump. Therefore, how can Rosenstein remain in his role as Deputy Attorney General.

I am not calling for Trump to fire the conspirator. I am calling for Attorney General Jeff Session to do what is right. Go to Rod and ask him to resign. If he will not resign, take it upon yourself AG Sessions and recommend to President Trump that Rosenstein be replaced. One other thing Jeff, if you had not recused yourself in a moment of weakness and panic, you could have prevented Mueller from being appointed in the first place. IT IS OWN YOU Mr. Sessions. Fix this mess!

By the way...If you cannot man-up, maybe you should resign too!

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