Saturday, February 24, 2018

Vote for Mayes Middleton: by Andrew McCreight

I am voting for Mayes Middleton as my District 23 State Representative.

One of the major reasons that I am voting for Mr. Middleton is that he is endorsed by Governor Greg Abbott. In an article in the Texas Tribune, Governor Abbot says that he is endorsing Mayes Middleton because "In the next legislative session, we have an opportunity to make Texas even better". He also says "To do this, we need leaders who will work with me to advance a conservative agenda". He continues "That is why I am endorsing Mayes Middleton for state representative".

Another reason that I am voting for Mayes Middleton is that I believe Wayne Faircloth is a RINO verging on being a Liberal Democrat. The reason that I say this is because of his recent personal attacks on Mr. Middleton. I heard the word "Extremists" being used in one of his adds when referring to Mayes. This is a word that is routinely used by Nancy Pelosi, Chuck Schumer, and all the other left wing Wackos when referring to Conservatives. I associate the word "Extremist" to anti-capitalist, anti-conservative, and anti-TParty when used by the Wacko-Leftist, therefore; I MUST ASSUME THAT WAYNE FAIRCLOTH IS A LEFT WING ACTIVIST!

One other reason that I am voting Against Wayne Faircloth is that we worked the Phones for Wayne Faircloth in the previous election at his 61st Street Galveston Office. During the course of conversation with the people who were running the office I a remember making a comment that we must stand on principle when it comes to Politics. I remember being told that Wayne Faircloth believed that crossing the isle and working with others is the key to making things happen. This placed a doubt in my mind about Mr. Faircloth but I held my nose and voted for him because he was an R. I have a choice this election cycle and I will not vote for him again.

Mr. Faircloth has gone very ugly in his attack adds against Mayes Middleton. It tells me that Mr. Faircloth must be Polling very badly and it also tells me that like all Liberal Democrat office holders, he will do anything to hold on to his office.


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Anonymous said...

Voters should ask themselves what they have in common with a third generation multi-millionaire who has never been employed. Certainly Governor Abbott is endorsing Middleton, a man of great wealth who owns oil leases all across the state. Those riches wield power and influence.

I prefer a candidate with a background that is more like the general public. A former schoolteacher, one who has owned and managed his own business, a man of the people. A self made man. We don't need any more millionaire cronies that have no concept of the issues that face common citizens.