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Sunday, March 4, 2018

House District 23 Faircloth-Supporter of Joe Struas: by Andrew McCreight,_2018/Factional_conflict

According to the above website Texas House District 23 Representative Wayne Faircloth falls into the Pro-House Speaker Straus column. According to the same website Future Texas House District 23 Representative Mayes Middleton falls into the Anti-House Speaker Straus column.

What is the significance of this category assignment? Speaker Straus has been criticized as an anti-conservative political figure in Texas Politics. Therefore  Rep. Wayne Faircloth falls into the same mold as the departing Texas House Speaker.

After reading the Article I surmise that the reason for the Texas House Speaker's departure is because Conservative Law Makers such as Gregg Abbot and Dan Patrick have given him a run for his money in the pursuit of Political Control of the Texas Legislature. That being a surge to the right of the political spectrum in Texas Politics. Having said that (electing a supporter of Joe Straus such as Wayne Faircloth) will not serve the best interest of Texas Conservatives. The election of Wayne Faircloth will not serve the best interest of Texas TParty Patriots. The 2010 wave election that flipped many counties in Texas from Democrat to Republican will begin to wane if we do not elect more Conservative Politicians to the Texas House and Senate.

I give a full endorsement to Conservative Mayes Middleton in Texas House District 23. We must continue to elect Conservative Candidates and not Re-Elect politicians who are Republicans In Name Only as exemplified by the support of Texas Speaker of the House Joe Straus by Wayne Faircloth.

I strongly urge the voters in Texas House District 18 to vote for challenger Emily Kebodeaux Cook instead of Pro-Texas House Speaker Straus-Ernest Bailes. Let's set a trend and replace Straus Supporters with a new brand of Texas Politicians. IT IS TIME FOR A CHANGE!


Anonymous said...

Emily Kebodeaux Cook is a lobbyist and is funded by the same group that wants to control the House of Representatives and ALL Texas politics with ONLY radical right wing views. That will mean that NO other views are allowed, even common sense views. She will be beholding to her group on all issues if she is elected.
A bill was introduced for a woman to legally obtain an abortion only
if the baby was determined by a medical doctor to be dead or severely damaged. Ernest Bailes voted to table this bill. The abortion issue is NOT black or white, yes or no. It requires "common sense". Emily Kebodeaux Cook claims Ernest Bailes voted for ALL abortion and that is simply not true.
Also a new group associated with Emily Kebodeaux Cook called Guns for Texas" has endorsed her. It is a newly formed group to hide the fact that Ernest Bailes has a HIGH rating with the NRA in hopes some voters will associate "Guns for Texas" with the NRA. They are completely separate.
I am conservative, but not radicalized. Common sense reigns.
Ernest Bailes is for the District 18 constituents, is a conservative with common sense, and beholding to no one but us.

Anonymous said...

Checked this out and Mr. McCreight, you are exactly right! You may be too kind in your description of Congressman Bailes. He is working against Republicans while claiming to be one.