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Saturday, March 3, 2018

Turning Point of the Republic: by Andrew McCreight

It has become quite apparent that Attorney Jeff Sessions is a clear and present danger to the continuance of the Republic. He is a danger for allowing the Deep State to continue the onslaught against President Trump. Sessions has sat on his hands and allowed Special Prosecutor Mueller to step outside the boundaries of his assignment. Mr. Sessions has also allowed Rosenstein to continue his attack on the Trump administration from the start by signing a continuance of the FISA document that started this crap in the first place.

As an American who voted for President Trump I say ENOUGH IS ENOUGH!

If Jeff Sessions will not appoint a Special Prosecutor to investigate how the Deep State (Mueller and Company) manipulated the FISA COURTS, then he should be fired! I call on members of the House of Representatives and the Senate to Petition the President to fire Sessions, Rosenstein, and Mueller. Members of Congress put your name on the line and give President Trump the strength to fire these people without retaliation from Congress!

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