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Friday, April 27, 2018

Attorney General Sessions: by Andrew McCreight

Unless I misinterpreted Attorney General Sessions recent comments concerning Robert Mueller's Special Counsel, I think it is time for Jeff to instruct Rod Rosenstein to close the investigation and send Robert Mueller into retirement.

I have been researching the appointment and dismantling of a Special Prosecutor and it is very complicated. I think somebody along the way muddied the water to make it confusing about who has the authority to fire a Special Prosecutor. thing I did understand about who has the power to hire and fire someone for this position is the Attorney General of the United States. Although, Mr. Seessions ceded his power to Rod Rosenstein in order to comply with close connections rule to the person being investigated, I think it is still clear that Attorney General Sessions has the power to instruct Rod Rosenstein to end the current Special Counsel status of Bob Mueller.

Mr. Sessions stated that he is reluctant to appoint another Special Counsel to investigate the current Special Counsel because it has turned into a mess. (my word not his). but that's what I got out of his comment. Having said that...if Jeff Sessions is speaking out loud what we are all thinking...then it is time to get rid of Robert Mueller and close the books on this goofy Russian BS thing.

Or, Mr. Sessions, in the name of fairness you need to appoint a Special Counsel to investigate the Clinton email scandal and her tie to the DNC and the Russian Dossier fiasco.

Attorney General Sessions:

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