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Sunday, April 1, 2018

CATCH AND RELEASE-Illegal Immigration: by Andrew McCreight

After watching FOX NEWS this morning and hearing a story about an Army Of Illegal Immigrants marching towards our Southern Border VIA Mexico, I began to wonder if the Catch and Release program (illegal immigrants) was Policy or Congressional Law.

I searched the WEB to find articles pertaining to Catch and Release and it appears to me that it is Administrative Policy and not a Law passed by Congress.

I reviewed an article that stated that the Bush Administration changed the Catch and Release Policy being used at that time to a Catch and Return Policy.

The Trump Administration at its inception began to change from Catch and Release to Catch and Detain. Then when it realized that the USA does not have enough facilities to Detain the Large Volume of Illegal Immigrants that were being detailed at the Border, the Trump Administration then reversed its policy and restarted the Catch and Release Policy.

President Trump where are you on the Policy....are you serious about Border Security or are you all Talk!

The Bush administration tried to address the invasion along our Southern Border by changing policy to Catch and Return. President Trump it is time for you to (By Executive Order) reinstate the Catch and Return Policy.

PS. The problem with the Trump Administration Catch and Release Policy is that the Administrators of our Illegal Immigrant Policies are hold overs from the Obama Administration. Mr. Trump it is time to replace these holdovers with men an women who are willing to implement a Catch and Return is important to do this before the Army illegal immigrants who are marching towards our Southern Border arrive. Give ICE the ability to Stop the Madness!

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