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Saturday, April 28, 2018

Illegal Immigrants Applying for Asylum in US: by Andrew McCreight

I do not understand why the United States allows caravans of foreign nationals to enter our country using an asylum claim based on fear of returning to their home country.

I wonder why we allow individual claims of political or terror based reasons to enter our country illegally.

Why do we not evaluate the Political and Suppressive state of their home country as a whole and then base Asylum into the United States on that information. It will bring an end to caravans of illegal immigrants showing up on our border, lawyers getting involved on an individual bases, and then individuals having to wait for a hearing with an immigration judge to decide their fate. It would also alleviate the catch and release, catch and hold, catch and deport system that is currently Not Working. Not to mention, the cost of all the individual claims of asylum and the appeals system.

It is time to change individual asylum claims to a holistic home country evaluation.

If the home country is treating their people in a manner that causes them to walk hundreds of miles to our borders then we should initiate Sanctions against those countries!

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