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Wednesday, April 11, 2018

Paul Ryan: by Andrew McCreight

The announcement by Paul Ryan that he will not seek reelection  to his Congressional Seat has created a situation of weakness in the Republican Party! He must step down now as the Speaker of the House!

With the upcoming 2018 Congressional Election the Republican Party will be seen as ham stringed by Paul Ryan. The Democrats will be able to paint the picture that the Republican Party has been placed in a weakened position because the Speaker of the House has been placed in a Lame Duck position.

Paul Ryan should resign immediately as the Speaker of the House and allow the Republican Party to reorganize and elect a new leader.

The Party should elect Devin Nunes as the new Speaker of the House! We need a strong leader! We need a non-swamp leader!

The next announcement from Congress should be that Senate Majority Leader McConnell is going to resign. We need a new brand of Republican Party! We need leaders who will not lead from behind! We need leaders who are not running scared from the likes of Pelosi and Schumer!

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