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Thursday, May 3, 2018

The Deep State Conspiracy: by Andrew McCreight

I am not going to tolerate the election of Donald Trump. I don't care what the American People think!

Loretta: Sir we cannot legally change the outcome of the Election.

Barrack: I never mentioned what is legal and what is not! Do what you have to do!

Loretta: Yes Sir. I will handle this through the DOJ and the FBI. It may get complicated if we are discovered overthrowing the Will of the American people.

Barrack: Do what you must!

Loretta: Jim, I need you to consult with the DNC and Hillary to create some sort of diversion to undermine Trump's Presidency. Barrack will not tolerate his lurch to the left being undone!

Jim: Ok Loretta...I will get with Peter and his lover Lisa. They have expressed a desire to come up with a plan to stump Trump just in case he wins the Election.

Loretta: What about the email mess that Hillary has created?

Jim: Don't worry...Andy and I have covered this situation up and no one will be able to find out about it unless a smoking gun such as a Weiner Leak occurs!

Loretta: Who would be stupid enough to leave sexually oriented material on their phones or computers!

Jim: Well...Anthony is pretty sick in the head...Just Saying!

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