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Tuesday, June 19, 2018


The separation of immigrant children from their parents issue is a tough one. One would want to be compassionate and say make an exception to the rule of law and let them be housed together. But...the process of treating illegal entry into our country warrants a stiff penalty. This is to ensure that illegal entry into our country will be taken serious by foreign governments and illegal human traffickers. Foreign Nationals should expect the process of illegal entry into our country to be arduous and uncomfortable.

Now let us examine the root of the child/parent separation issue.

Democrats: They have been using the illegal immigration issue to water down the historical voting base of the United States. From my observation this became very prevalent during the Obama Error. It became a very concerted effort to undermine the citizens of the United States in an effort to promote Hope and Change. It was a political undertaking of moving the country from Capitalism to Socialism. Everyone has the prerogative of following their own political path. I respect that.

President Obama and his followers were very good at accomplishing their goals. I give them all the credit that they deserve. They drove the illegal immigrant issue into the ground. They road it like a bronc buster breaking a horse. They shoved it right down the throats of the Republican Establishment which folded like the weak kneed bitches that they are.

I commend the Democrat Party for being tough and pursuing their goals with the fighting skills of gladiators. If their party had not gone so far left and goofy, I would surround myself in their fighting armor versus the panty waste pitiful fighting skills of the Republican Establishment. In the end they did move the voting base needle in their favor.

Republicans: About all I can say about the Republican Establishment is that they must be bought and paid for by Special Interests and Lobbyist. They act as though they live in a fog. They are weak. They are walking aimlessly through a tumultuous time in the history of the United States.

Paul Ryan is at best detestable. Mitch McConnell is at best a small pimple on the ass of history. His legacy will be that he allowed the Democrats to bully and bamboozle him into being one of the weakest leaders in the history of the United States Senate.

The Republican Party does not represent the working people of this country. They allowed Obama to shove Obama Care down our throats and then when in power did not have the balls to do anything about getting rid of it. They have allowed illegal immigration to morph into a political animal that has eaten up the sovereignty of the United States of America. They did this not in the name of helping humanity but in the name of supplying Corporate America with worker bees...I hate the Republican Establishment!

Donald Trump: You big bad better not let the huffing and puffing of the Democrats and the Republican Establishment weaken your Immigration Positions and Policies. You have accomplished much during your first 500 days. We the American People are watching you check off on all of the promises that you made during your campaign.


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