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Saturday, August 11, 2018

The destructive power of an inept Speaker of the House! by Andrew McCreight

One wonders why Paul Ryan has stayed on as Speaker of the House while remaining silent on so many issues...and/or being on the wrong side of those issues.

As I watch him talk down the Building of a Security Wall on our Borders, I wonder what the hell is wrong with this guy! He seemingly is carrying the water of Corporate America by advocating the replacement of the American Worker. He seemingly is carrying the water of Corporate America by trying to attack Social Security and at the same time encouraging the destructive implementation of destroying the wages and benefits of the American Worker with an Open Borders Concept. He advocates lower wages and working conditions through this Open Border Ideology while at the same time he approaches a huge retirement and benefits package that a retiring Congressman receives...especially retiring as the Speaker of the House. What a fucking hypocrite!

I also wonder why Paul Rylan has not supported Donald Trump...especially after the majority of American people voted to give Donald the job! Hey Paul, Could you please call for the firing of Mueller and Rosenstein on the way out and show us that you have come common sense and Political Balls!

I applaud the exit of Paul Ryan from Congress and especially from the Speakership!

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