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Tuesday, August 7, 2018

Time for Action: by Andrew McCreight

It is time to energize and make sure that the Donald Trump agenda survives!

Although it is difficult to support the Leadership of the Republican McConnell and Paul Ryan, we must excite the Base and push through the negativity of the Republican Establishment.

One of the negatives has a positive outcome arriving soon. Paul Ryan is leaving politics. This is a good thing. I do regret that he did not step out of the way months ago. I think he has been a contributing factor in the lack luster support of the Party from the Trump Patriots. It has been difficult to maintain the high energy necessary to continue to dismantle the Democrat Party; albeit, they have done a pretty damn good job of imploding from within!

Ok...Paul Ryan...don't let the door knob hit you where the good lord split you...on the way out! He has been a heavy ball and chain to the Trump Party movement!

Now let's move on to Mitch McConnell...this will be the last time I vote for a Republican if Mitch remains in power. He is the reason that the upcoming mid-terms will give the Democrats a chance of taking back the Senate. Mitch is obviously in bed with the special interest wing of the party and is a major reason Illegal Immigration has not been addressed! He favors a foreign national worker supply for corporations versus ensuring that the American Worker has favorable wages and benefits. This is why McConnell does what he does.! It is time to replace Mitch McConnell for the good of the American People!


T-Party, Conservatives, and Great Americans it is time to continue to Make America Great Again!

It is time to make sure that we hold on to our Tax Cuts! It is time make sure we hold on to higher wages and benefits! It is time to make sure we don't revert back to Obama-Care! It is time that we hold on to our National Sovereignty and be Proud to be Americans again! It is time to hold on to a sub 4% unemployment rate. It is time to take back the $150,000,000,000 pay off that Obama gave to Iran. It is time to fire Mueller! It is time to fire Rosenstein! It is time to fire Sessions! It is time to dismantle the Special Counsel!

IT IS TIME TO MAKE MCCONNELL AND RYAN FUND THE WALL! President Trump if you do not hold on to your commitment to shut-down the government and make the Senate and House give you the funding to build a security wall around our country...THEN TO HELL WITH YOU TOO!

Having said all of the above...If we do not support Republican Candidates in the upcoming mid-terms, then we will get what we deserve!

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