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Saturday, August 11, 2018

Time for Bitch McConnell to Retire! by Andrew McCreight

Please Mitch McConnell...JUST GO!

Mitch has been silent on the Border Security Wall...and why? He and Paul Ryan have conspired to hold Donald Trump back from succeeding as President of the United States. They have stopped the Wall. They have favored a foreign national work force over their own citizens. They have failed to tear Obama Care out by its roots! They have not supported the President when it comes to the Fake Russian Conspiracy by Robert Mueller, Rosenstein, and the Democrat Party. Mitch McConnell is a failed Senate Majority Leader!

I do not understand how we can hold a simple majority vote for one of the most important offices in the land (Supreme Court Justice) and then claim that it is improper to use the nuclear option to destroy Obama Care. Why can't the nuclear option be used to pass a budget that includes the Building of the Security Wall.

I am tired of Mitch the Ballchinyan! I always wondered why he has been unable to communicate a coherent message to the American people...I guess it because he is trying to speak passed the balls rolling around in his mouth!

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