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Friday, October 12, 2018

Picture This: by Andrew McCreight

Once upon a time in a land very near was a gangster Political Party called the Democrats.

They bitched and moaned about how mean spirited anyone was who opposed their ideology.

They called the Founding Fathers names and accused them of being the most hateful and vile human beings to have ever walked the earth. They forgot to tell the story of how White European Spaniards sent invading armies to South America and killed the native south Americans who had lived there for centuries.  They forgot to tell the story of how the White European Spaniards brought disease and destruction and the colonization of the Southern Region of the Americas. They also forgot the atrocity of bringing slaves into the freshly acquired world of New Spain. As for me, I detest those damned White Europeans from Spain who stole and killed their way into a new frontier. I would compare them with the White Europeans from Britain, Germany, and France. It is probably fitting that I have such disgust for the conquerors of New Spain for history tells us that they intermarried with the Brits, Germans, and French in the circle of Royal Inbreds. Sorry Bastards-Fuck'em all!

Now back to the crazy demented ANTIFA-SOCIALIST-COMMUNIST-DEMOCRAT PARTY. They have demonstrated how they will Rule if they are allowed to take back the power of the Congress-Senate-Presidency of the United States of America. They will rule with violence against those who oppose them politically. They will encourage their minions to attack violently those who speak in opposition...the first amendment will be replaced with the v-amendment. If you oppose them, they will knock you down and then kick you...Just ask former AG Eric Holder. If you oppose them they will treat you uncivilly...Just ask former First Lady Hillary Clinton. If you don't vote against a Supreme Court Nominee they will track you and your family down and attack you in an elevator...just watch the video of the crazy bastards who screamed and shouted threats at an old lady in that elevator...Susan Collins!

Hey you so called people who claim to be the this the United States that you want to live in...if for these crazy sum bitches. I hope you get what you ask for!

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