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Sunday, November 18, 2018

Paul Ryan and the Flake(y) RINO Establishment: by Andrew McCreight

The spin continues to be that the 2016 mid-term election Republican loss was Trump's fault. But after much contemplation and consternation I must declare that the loss can be attributed to Paul Ryan and the Flake(y) Republican Establishment.

I won't beat up on McConnell in this writing...because the Republicans managed to maintain control of the Senate in spite of Mitch.

I will declare unabashedly that Paul Ryan's pussification method of running the House of Representatives is the reason that the RINO Republican Establishment made a fool of itself. His main co-conspirator Representative Flake was another driving force of the mid-term loss.

Paul Ryan not only disappeared during this election cycle but he seemingly attacked President Trump at every angle. He did not support the Trump Party Patriots. He left us hanging like the Nobles did in the movie Brave Heart. Just at the moment the battle intensified and victory was near, Paul Ryan and the Flake(y) Republican RINO Establishment slowly turned their Steeds away from the battle and rode off leaving Patriots to die on the battle field. THIS IS MY VIEW OF THE PAUL RYAN RINO ESTABLISHMENT REPUBLICAN PARTY!

How do we fix this election fiasco?

I hereby order and insist that at anytime in the future when a person in a leadership role declares that they are not going to seek election again that they must resign said leadership role immediately.

We can never again allow a lame duck Speaker of the House to give away an election to the Democrat Party. As a member of the Trump Party, I will not stand for another leader to pussy their way out of office again and leave the Trump Party to the mercy of the Democrats and Fake Media again!

Paul Ryan, you acted very selfishly and stupidly!

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