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Wednesday, November 7, 2018

The Election and what it means! : by Andrew McCreight

I was pretty down after the results started rolling in last night!

Today, I realize what really happened. The Republican Establishment (Paul Ryan) really blew it! He apparently told his RINO buddies to not associate with President Trump during the Election Cycle. He apparently encouraged many of the Establishment RINO bastards to retire in protest of President Trump's control of the Republican Party!

And...if you look at what really happened.
The Democrats only gained control of the House by 4 or 5 members. It was not a Mandate!

I think it is an indication of what is going to happen in 2020. Control of the House will revert back to the Trump Party! The Democrats threw everything but the Kitchen Sink at Trump and they still barely limped across the finish line!

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