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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Derailed on the Rabbit! by Andrew McCreight

In the early 1980's, while riding the Rabbit between Houston and Lufkin on a northbound freight train, the unexpected happened.

I was working the caboose and a friend of mine was working the head end. As we were highballing thru Livingston Texas our train went into emergency. The routine in this situation was that the Head Brakeman started walking back towards the rear of the train and the Rear Brakemen started his trek from the rear to the headend. We did just that!

After meeting about halfway, we were perplexed about what happened. We could hear the trainline air supply started to pump up indicating that the trainline was still in tact. So what the heck happened?

My fellow trainman and I continued to survey the condition of our train and we noticed that a box car was leaning slightly and the main line had a little dog leg...a sort of U shape! We got to looking around for a causation and discovered a deep ditch was full of Bulk Head Pulp Wood Cars with Loaded Rock Hoppers on top of them! It was a mess!

Later it was determined that someone had taken the Hand Brakes off of the cars in the runaround and apparently enough of the air brakes on the cars bled off to allow the cars to roll. As we were going by the runaround, the vibration of our train initiated movement of the cars and they rolled into the side of our train and the cars piled up in the ditch.

I suppose we should consider ourselves lucky. If the cars had rolled out prior to our arrival, we would have hit them head on!

Is the Democrat Leadership Scared of Trump? by Andrew McCreight

President Trump invited both the Democrats and Republicans to come to a meeting at the White House to discuss the Government Shutdown. The only ones that showed were the Republicans...NOT ONE DEMOCRAT SHOWED UP!

I can only imagine that Chuck Pelosi and Nancy Schumer were behind this boycott of the meeting that could have Opened the Government back up and put our Federal Workers back to work.

Trump stood his ground concerning the Wall and took on the responsibility of a government shutdown to make a point but the Democrats are the ones responsible for prolonging the financial disparities that the government employees are undergoing!

He Nancy and Chuck...DON'T BE SCARED OF TRUMP! Go to the meetings!

Senate Attorney General Confirmation Hearing: by Andrew McCreight

William Barr was nominated by President Trump for the position of Attorney General of the United States of America.

First look, he carried himself very well during the Senate Confirmation Hearing today.
He seems as though he will bring some gravitas to the position and did not start off his tenure as attorney general from a position of weakness like Jeff Sessions did! Good riddance Jeff!

During the hearing Kamala Harris helped to justify President Trump's call for building a security wall on our Southern Border. Senator Harris repeatedly said that there is a national crisis when it comes to our people suffering from drug addiction and ending up dead or in prison. I applaud the fact that she recognized the plight of our fellow citizens.

Reports indicate that 90% of our drug problem emanates from Mexico South. President Trump should use the testimony of Senator Kamala Harris to justify his authority to impose Marshall Law along our Southern Border and use funding from whatever source necessary to BUILD THE WALL!

Mr. Trump, if the democrats are to arrogant to act and will not protect this citizenry of our country, then; I hereby authorize you to pull the trigger and declare a national emergency and protect our country!