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Tuesday, January 15, 2019

Senate Attorney General Confirmation Hearing: by Andrew McCreight

William Barr was nominated by President Trump for the position of Attorney General of the United States of America.

First look, he carried himself very well during the Senate Confirmation Hearing today.
He seems as though he will bring some gravitas to the position and did not start off his tenure as attorney general from a position of weakness like Jeff Sessions did! Good riddance Jeff!

During the hearing Kamala Harris helped to justify President Trump's call for building a security wall on our Southern Border. Senator Harris repeatedly said that there is a national crisis when it comes to our people suffering from drug addiction and ending up dead or in prison. I applaud the fact that she recognized the plight of our fellow citizens.

Reports indicate that 90% of our drug problem emanates from Mexico South. President Trump should use the testimony of Senator Kamala Harris to justify his authority to impose Marshall Law along our Southern Border and use funding from whatever source necessary to BUILD THE WALL!

Mr. Trump, if the democrats are to arrogant to act and will not protect this citizenry of our country, then; I hereby authorize you to pull the trigger and declare a national emergency and protect our country!

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