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Wednesday, February 27, 2019

Client-Lawyer Privilege: by Andrew McCreight

After watching Cohen testify before Congress, I pondered, how is what came out of his mouth even legal. If I  had a lawyer with whom I had retained to represent me, I would expect that legal remedies would be available to me in case he divulged any conversations, information, or advice that was communicated between my lawyer and me! I don't understand how Cohen could have provided any lawyer/client testimony to Congress, Mueller, or in any Court proceedings. I can only suppose that since he has been disbarred that he has abandoned his moral and legal obligations to protect his client!

Having said the above I would advise Cohen to shut up, serve his time, and move on with his life. Also, I can only hope that Big Bubba makes him sing and compose when they slam the prison door behind this piece of excrement!

The actions of the Democrat Committee Leadership today was despicable. We all know what the Hearing was about. It was the beginning of the 2020 Presidential Campaign against President Donald Trump.

Dear Democrats:

Your tactics will not work. We the Trump Nation will, unlike Cohen, take a bullet for Donald Trump! He will be re-elected in 2020 and we will put the Democrat-Socialist-Communist-Marxist Party in the rear view political mirror. Perhaps witnessing the Democrat Party completely destroying its credibility with the American People!

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