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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller Report-Findings and Recommendations: by Andrew MccCreight

The newly released Russian Collusion Report from Robert Mueller should be used as a tool to transition from the ERA of the Witch Hunt to take down a President of the United States to an ERA that pursues Economic Growth and Border Security. These two issues are one in the same. The American Worker has been attacked by the Democrat and Republican Establishment for too long.

During the past several decades the Left has been pursuing Open Borders in an effort to recruit a New Constituency. The Republicans have pursued Open Borders to attract cheap labor for the Corporate World. This dual conspiracy/collusion between the RINO and JACKASS political population has cost American Jobs and Reduced wages and benefits. The act of encouraging illegal immigrants to come to this country has been a concerted effort to bring down the Standard of Living of the American Worker.

Back to the Mueller Report: RINOS and JACKASSES stop with the unwarranted attack on a President that was elected by the American Workers. We saw him as a way to stem the tide of Socialism-Marxism-Communism that was being championed by the Obama Administration. We saw him as a way to reverse the take over of our Health Care System by a Left Wing and RINO government. The left pursued the take over to provide FREE HEALTH CARE to its new illegal alien voter base and the Republican Establishment pursued the take over to move the financing of Corporate Health Care for its employees to the Government arena; thereby placing the burden on the American Worker.

It is time for our country to move forward. Stop spending tax payer dollars on stupid none crime  producing investigation. I would have been most appreciative to personally receive the 25 million dollars that was wasted on the Special Counsel, especially since it was a contrived effort by the Deep State to Take Down a Presidential Candidate who became The President of the United States!

Thursday, March 21, 2019

TRUMP-2020: by Andrew McCreight

The most important issue for the country in the upcoming 2020 presidential election is Border Security. President Trump has found the one subject that most Americans agree upon. BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!.

The democrats are gambling that they will ensure the future of their Party via the illegal alien invasion of our Southern Border. The democrats think that they will dilute the Capitalistic foundation that the United States was built upon. They think that the citizens of the country are for redistribution of wealth. They think that the people are far Socialism. They believe that Americans are for Communism. They think that people are far Marxism. They are CRAZY!

The people of the United States are going to send the Democrat Party a message come 2020!


We do want Border Security. We do want President Trump to build the wall. We do want President Trump to take out the Venezuelan Dictator. We do want South America to Prosper. We do not want to pay for the health care of illegal immigrants. We do not want tent cities full of people who are claiming Asylum because their home country leaders are creating such dismal living conditions for it's people. We do want a change in immigration laws. We do want ICE to have the ability to deport people who come into this country illegally. We do want an end to Chain Migration. We do want a change to the 14th amendment. We do not want Birth Right Citizenship. We do want an end to the Democrat Party's policies that allow our country to be overrun with future Democrat voters. We will not allow the Democrat Party to change our way of life for the sole purpose of creating a failed Socialist-Communist-Marxists Utopia!

Tuesday, March 19, 2019

Beaumont Straightaway-Part Two: by Andy McCreight

We have our train orders and are proceeding down the main track. We are authorized to hold the main track from Tower 87 to the east end of Devers Siding. The engineer has the locomotives in throttle 8 and we are tugging along at 25 mph. It is a miracle that we have reached that speed.

We are traveling on flat ground heading towards the San Jacinto river bottom. We somehow make it down the west side of river bottom and creep up the east side waving at the automobile traffic sitting at FM2100 waiting on us to clear the hill.

Next we are back up to 25mph or so and headed to Dayton Texas. The train order operator calls us on the engine radio and tells us that she has copied a new train order from the dispatcher. In those days we had train order operators at most sidings so that a train could receive authority from the train dispatcher to advance beyond the authority from a previously copied train order. The train order operator was essentially a stenographer and typed up several copies of the train order on thin sheets of multiple layered yellow paper in order for the engineer (who was on the locomotive) and the conductor ( who was on the caboose to receive exactly the same information that was copied by the train order operator. The engineer and head brakeman would review their copy and the conductor and the rear brakeman would review their copy. The engineer and conductor would converse on the radio and confirm that everybody was literally on the same page as far a where our main track authority ended.

The process for picking up the train order was the same on each end of the train. As we passed the Dayton Train Order Station, the engineer would lean out the window of the locomotive and stick his arm out far enough to catch the order from a pole that had a V shaped contraption that had a string on the V with the orders tied to a string. The were two round sticks on the back side of the V attached to pole. The front of the V was open so that when the engineer put his arm through the V he would snatch the string and orders leaving the remainder of the V attached to the train order pole. The conductor process was the same. What an antiquated way to advance a train from one point to the next. In this instance, the new train orders gave us authority to pass the east end of Devers Siding and proceed to Beaumont yard.

Now we start down Dayton Hill towards the liberty river bottom. It will be a hard pull up Ames Hill on the other side of the river bottom. As we head up the Ames Hill we start to decelerate rapidly, hoping that we make the hill. Just as we are beginning to give up on the idea of pulling the hill we feel the rear half of our train slack run in and it helps to push us up and over the hill. As the slack runs in the engineer moves his speed selector to throttle 8 and the Locomotives are Bawling Jack! (they are screaming as the engineer gets every ounce of power he can muster)!

An hour or so later we are pulling into Beaumont Yard. Someone has lined into the yard so that we don't have to stop because we all have doubts that we could get the train moving again. As we approach the east end of the yard it is obvious that a switch engine crew has lined us up on that end. We pull in track 1. The conductor uses the caboose radio to stop us in the clear. I had detrained on the fly and was at the cut. When the engineer stopped I reached in and closed the angle cock (no red-zone). I gave the engineer a hand signal for the pin. He shoved the slack to me and I pulled the pin. I signaled the Hog Head to pull ahead over the switch. (engineers were called hog heads in those days-if you saw most of them you would understand the terminology). After stopping over the switch, I signaled the engineer that we were lined up for track 2 and he shoved the remainder of our train in the clear. The rear brakeman was on the rear of the track watching us shove and he relayed to the conductor, with hand signals, information about how much room was left in the track and when to tell the engineer to stop his shove. 

After shoving the double over into track 2, I reached in and closed the angle cock behind the locomotives and got a pin from the engineer. I used hand signals to tell the engineer to pull ahead over the lead switch. We called the Round House Forman on the locomotive radio and asked him where to spot the locomotives. We  pulled into the roundhouse, tied the power down, and went to the hotel for an 8 hour rest period before being called by the crew caller for our westbound train back to Houston. 

Tuesday, March 5, 2019


It is time for President Trump to make Venezuela Great Again!

The United States can no longer allow the Venezuelan Dictator to starve, jail, or execute his people. This is becoming a crime against humanity. The United States cannot become part of this atrocity by omission. We cannot sit idly by and allow our brothers and sisters in Venezuela to be treated like human fodder.

I am hereby ordering President Trump to begin a food-medicine military air campaign to assist the people Venezuela! Instead of dropping 150 billion dollars in cash like we did to Iran, I want a massive air drop to commence immediately in Venezuela. I want food and supplies dropped in such a massive amount that the Thug Government of Venezuela cannot keep the commodities from reaching the citizenry of Venezuela.

I am also  advocating assisting the resistance in Venezuela with any and all weaponry that will allow the President of  Venezuela to be removed. It is time that Capitalism show it's might! It is time for the President of the United States to show the world that Socialism only benefits the rich and the common people suffer! It is time to Contrast and Compare Socialism and Capitalism!