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Monday, March 25, 2019

Mueller Report-Findings and Recommendations: by Andrew MccCreight

The newly released Russian Collusion Report from Robert Mueller should be used as a tool to transition from the ERA of the Witch Hunt to take down a President of the United States to an ERA that pursues Economic Growth and Border Security. These two issues are one in the same. The American Worker has been attacked by the Democrat and Republican Establishment for too long.

During the past several decades the Left has been pursuing Open Borders in an effort to recruit a New Constituency. The Republicans have pursued Open Borders to attract cheap labor for the Corporate World. This dual conspiracy/collusion between the RINO and JACKASS political population has cost American Jobs and Reduced wages and benefits. The act of encouraging illegal immigrants to come to this country has been a concerted effort to bring down the Standard of Living of the American Worker.

Back to the Mueller Report: RINOS and JACKASSES stop with the unwarranted attack on a President that was elected by the American Workers. We saw him as a way to stem the tide of Socialism-Marxism-Communism that was being championed by the Obama Administration. We saw him as a way to reverse the take over of our Health Care System by a Left Wing and RINO government. The left pursued the take over to provide FREE HEALTH CARE to its new illegal alien voter base and the Republican Establishment pursued the take over to move the financing of Corporate Health Care for its employees to the Government arena; thereby placing the burden on the American Worker.

It is time for our country to move forward. Stop spending tax payer dollars on stupid none crime  producing investigation. I would have been most appreciative to personally receive the 25 million dollars that was wasted on the Special Counsel, especially since it was a contrived effort by the Deep State to Take Down a Presidential Candidate who became The President of the United States!

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