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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How Stupid is Socialism?


If I had been born in a Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Dictatorship, I could now be marching for hundreds of miles from a far away shit hole country to gain entrance illegally into the Greatest Country That Has Ever Been Imagined. The goal would be to leave my home, my family, and my shit hole country in pursuit of freedom and prosperity and perhaps game the welfare system of my new country. I would be pissing off the citizens of my new home because they have to work and pay taxes because the Democrat Party uses this money to finance their new voter base. So what! I can't stand to live in my home country because of the corruption brought on by the NARCO GOVERNMENT!

I would traverse the desert and cross rivers and walk for what seems to be an eternity. I would cross the boundaries of several shit hole countries and be pushed onward to That Shining City on the Hill...the United States of America. I would have to pay Coyotes thousand of dollars. If I were a child or a woman, I would suffer sexual and physical abuse with no one to police my captors. If I were an orphan, I may be sold into slavery to single men so that they could use me as a pawn to claim asylum so that they could abuse the immigration laws of my new home country.

After the Democrat Party allowed me to enter my new country, I would be caught and released into my new home. I would become a burden on States such as Texas, Arizona, and other Border States. The people their will be begging there Federal Government to stop this asinine process and send me home but the Democrat Party has destroyed any semblance of our Border and they do not give a rats ass about the people who pay their salaries and allow them to sit on their Big Fat Socialist Asses while the United States becomes just another shit hole country. After all, the Socialist Creed declares, if one person lives in a shit hole country then all must live in a shit hole country!

The crazy part of this story is that even the Republican Party has sat on its hands and allowed mass illegal immigration to happen all in the name importing low skilled-low wage workers for corporate profit. One would think the Republicans represent Capitalism but that aint what this is!....THEY ARE COMPLICIT IN A NEW FORM OF SOCIALISM! They are imprisoning their  own people into a life of ObamaCare-Socialism-Marxism-Communism-and very mundane and non-independent lives.

I hope you realize what you are doing to this country. If you do, get out of Trump's way and let him secure the border. Give him the money to Build the Wall so that people like me are not tempted to go through hell on road to purgatory!

Sunday, April 21, 2019

Congressman Adam Shit: by Andrew McCreight

Congressman Adam Shit did a total 180 this morning on This Week with George Step on all of us!

The moderator (obviously a main character from the walking dead episodes) ask him if he thought the Mueller Report proved that President Trump should be impeached. Congressman Shit, who has for the last two years said he had evidence that would lead to the removal of Trump from office and/or his impeachment, crawfished! He backed away from Jail Time for Trump. He moved the Democrat Party into a position of weakness by backing away from Impeachment! In other words, Mr. Shit has been lying about the information he had on President Trump!

Congressman Shit, Bob Mueller, Maxine Waters, Elisabeth Warren, Nancy Pelosi, Schuck Schumer, AOC, Hillary Clinton, Rosenstein, James Comey, Jeff Sessions, Loretta Lynch, Eric Holder, Barrack Obama and all of the other Left Wing dingle berries have lied (little pieces of shit that hang on to Ass Hairs), deceived, manipulated, and committed Treason against the people of the United States of America!

Hey Bitches: We the people are smart enough to identify Congressman Shit when we smell it!

It is time to move on. The Democrats are galvanizing Conservatives, Non-RINOS, and Tparty Patriots. The 2020 election draws nigh and if there are any actual Moderates left in the Voter Pool they most surely are growing tired of the Congressman Shit Parade!


Congressman Shit: YOU STINK!

Wednesday, April 10, 2019

Rail Stories-Doubing Dayton Hill: by Andy McCreight

One of the more interesting rail stories that I had the pleasure of participating in was the day we had to double the Dayton Hill.

We transferred crews on a loaded 80 car chemical train at Orange Texas. After swapping crews on the fly...the engineer and head brakeman dismounted from the moving train on the rear steps of the lead locomotive...while me and my engineer mounted on the move on the front steps of the locomotive. The conductor and rear brakeman on the inbound crew did the same move from the caboose while our conductor and rear brakeman mounted up on the move also. THE TRAIN NEVER STOPPED WHILE WE TRANSFERRED CREWS! In today's world, this would make Jason's head spin!

Anyway, we traveled through Beaumont Yard and onto the Liberty River Bottom. We did not take a siding to meet any trains because back in the day there were three chemical trains on the gulf coast area that carried the financial burden of the Southern Pacific Railroad and we were on one of them.
But...having said that we were still underpowered to make the climb up Dayton Hill.

As we started down Ames Hill, on the east side of the river bottom, my engineer said "we are not going to make the hill". I asked why? He said that when we start up the hill we would begin to slow and by the time we reached the apex of the Dayton Hill we would stall because of the makeup of our train. We had 80 loads and the train was a short. We would end up strung out on the side of the hill with no rear end slack to help push us up and over the crest of the hill.

So the engineer told is what we are going to do. (I listened because he was an old Hog-Head and I was just a pup as far as railroading tenure goes). He would slow the train down to a get down speed...let me get off on the fly in the middle of the river bottom...We did just that! I got off at about 5 mph or so...I had to make sure that I did not detrain in the middle of a tressel and end up being alligator bait! After detraining the engineer started pulling hard again to make it up the hill as far as he could...He had told me that when the train started to stall that he would set the independent brake and let the slack roll in...That is exactly what he did and when the slack came in enough for me to get a pin, I reached in, turned the angle cock, and made the cut on the fly. About that time, I hear the slack being stretched by the engineer. He started pulling up the hill again, the headend of the train separated from the rear portion that we cut away from and I mounted up on a railcar and we went up the hill! There was no opportunity for a hand brake check or to set up the trainline airbrakes to do a brake securement test. The conductor and rear brakeman were on the caboose and were expected to ensure that the rear portion did not roll back down the hill towards Liberty! (Remember, back during this railroad era very few people had walkie talkies and I was not one of them. We made this move without any radio communications. We had a Job Briefing on the locomotive before I detrained and trusted each other with making the cut on the fly without any verbal communications. If I had stumbled or fell in the river bottom, I would have just been screwed!)

Back during this period there was only a mainline, a north siding, and a couple of storage tracks on the south side of the main track at Dayton. We pulled the headend of the train down the main track, cut away, and proceeded back to the river bottom through the Dayton Siding to retrieve the remainder of our train. We get to the river bottom, couple up to our train, and pull back into the siding. We cut off the rear of the train in the siding, came off lite power, and coupled up to the headend of the train that we had left on the main track. Then we started pulling on the cars, doubled back to the siding, and put the train back together just as it was before we doubled the hill.

Houston we had a problem but now we are high balling home! Honey, tell the kids that daddy is on his way, and tell the milkman he better not be there when I show up!