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Tuesday, April 23, 2019

How Stupid is Socialism?


If I had been born in a Socialist-Communist-Marxist-Dictatorship, I could now be marching for hundreds of miles from a far away shit hole country to gain entrance illegally into the Greatest Country That Has Ever Been Imagined. The goal would be to leave my home, my family, and my shit hole country in pursuit of freedom and prosperity and perhaps game the welfare system of my new country. I would be pissing off the citizens of my new home because they have to work and pay taxes because the Democrat Party uses this money to finance their new voter base. So what! I can't stand to live in my home country because of the corruption brought on by the NARCO GOVERNMENT!

I would traverse the desert and cross rivers and walk for what seems to be an eternity. I would cross the boundaries of several shit hole countries and be pushed onward to That Shining City on the Hill...the United States of America. I would have to pay Coyotes thousand of dollars. If I were a child or a woman, I would suffer sexual and physical abuse with no one to police my captors. If I were an orphan, I may be sold into slavery to single men so that they could use me as a pawn to claim asylum so that they could abuse the immigration laws of my new home country.

After the Democrat Party allowed me to enter my new country, I would be caught and released into my new home. I would become a burden on States such as Texas, Arizona, and other Border States. The people their will be begging there Federal Government to stop this asinine process and send me home but the Democrat Party has destroyed any semblance of our Border and they do not give a rats ass about the people who pay their salaries and allow them to sit on their Big Fat Socialist Asses while the United States becomes just another shit hole country. After all, the Socialist Creed declares, if one person lives in a shit hole country then all must live in a shit hole country!

The crazy part of this story is that even the Republican Party has sat on its hands and allowed mass illegal immigration to happen all in the name importing low skilled-low wage workers for corporate profit. One would think the Republicans represent Capitalism but that aint what this is!....THEY ARE COMPLICIT IN A NEW FORM OF SOCIALISM! They are imprisoning their  own people into a life of ObamaCare-Socialism-Marxism-Communism-and very mundane and non-independent lives.

I hope you realize what you are doing to this country. If you do, get out of Trump's way and let him secure the border. Give him the money to Build the Wall so that people like me are not tempted to go through hell on road to purgatory!

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