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Monday, July 1, 2019

Demonic Radio Broadcast in Liberty County

(07/01/2019 Liberty County, Texas) Today, after 40 plus years of degrading and destroying Liberty County, Texas - William "Bill" Buchanan has sold KSHN Radio. Sources close to LD allege that Bill Buchanan is suffering from advanced stages of dementia and cannot run the radio station anymore.

This is another chapter closing of a morally corrupt and evil individual in Buchanan/KSHN and his sidekicks including "Wendy Harrington" aka "Tiffany York".

Through the years Buchanan promoted a yearly children's Easter Egg hunt, sponsored by his radio station with radio host Eric Latz, convicted violent child molester, rapist.

Buchanan is also well know for sticking his microphone in the faces of young parents and others who had recently lost loved ones.

Buchanan is also well known for his fake news reporting and left leaning manufactured candidate forums.

Donations through the years in hard dollars from Buchanan and KSHN to the community were scarce and seldom ever seen in the 40 plus years of operation. Buchanan was a very greedy man....

Buchanan moved into Liberty County, Texas many years ago from Kentucky as a carpet bagger and found a community ripe for his demonic victimization.

Apparently the Demonic Radio Broadcast from Buchanan and company at the Liberty KSHN have been sold to a Christian Broadcasting network, how ironic... A note on the KSHN website states KSHN will continue to broadcast their demonic work from the internet as a blog.


Anonymous said...

This is a great day for Liberty County. BB/kshn influence in Liberty County will be nothing now and will be a better place for it. You are right, he is a demon and will burn in hell as well as his supporters.

Anonymous said...

Buchanan is ugly on the inside and outside.

Anonymous said...

Apparently KSHN is now only internet and still trying to illegally pass themselves off as a radio station. I have contacted the bcc to file a complaint about their illegal use of the name "FM" like in their domain name and also promoting their prior business as a quasi internet FM business. If you want to file a complaint too, google FCC Complaint or go to

Anonymous said...

When you login to their fake FM station webpage the browser says "NOT SECURE" they have viruses on their website, beware.