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Sunday, July 14, 2019

My President: President Trump-by Andrew McCreight

I have found it difficult to write political articles as of late because President Trump just Keeps On Winning!

He beat the Clinton/Mueller/Comey/DNC/Cnn/Democrat Party Russian conspiracy. He hunkered down, took all the abuse, and came out a strong political force.

He has put the Democrat Party in a tail spin. They are eating their own. I do think it is funny that AOC has labeled Pelosi as a Racist! This is too funny. Identity politics has come home to roost in the Democrat Party.

Another very humorous item is the Left Wing attack on Joe Biden. I don't know what Joe was thinking when he thru his name in the Hat for the Democrat Party Presidential Nomination. I guess he forgot that he is an Old White Male and no matter how much he crawfishes and apologizes the Left will not tolerate diversity! After all, these left wing nuts are as Racists, Intolerant, Mean Ass, Violent in Action, and Anti-American as any Right Wing Nazis organization that exist. I have no use for either!

Dear Mr. President keep on doing what you are doing! We Love You!

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