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Wednesday, July 3, 2019

The Future of Liberty County, Texas Politics

Old picture of the Liberty County Courthouse "1939"

The future of Liberty County politics will be decided in the social media arena, like facebook, twitter and new platforms to come. Past generations of Liberty County politicians may have been elected by who they knew, but not now. Elections and times have changed and so has technology.

Yard signs and candidate forums will be a small part of what gets people elected or sent packing in Liberty County, Texas in the future. The social media age has arrived, even Liberty County print news and radio are ineffective in local elections [waste of money].

The last election saw scoundrels and carpetbaggers make a run for public office. We had a convicted felon [Smith] on facebook ramping people up for Donna Brown as well as other sorted lowlifes like attorney [Mark Beausoliel] who made a play for office on facebook, all subsequently exposed and shut down. Even Bill Buchanan at KSHN radio [now out of business] with his lies and forum rigging didn't have an effect on the last elections either.

'We The People' are now empowered and not deceived by dirtbag candidates, news personalities [influence peddling] and carpetbaggers.

If you believe the last election was hot, wait till you see the next general election, LD will be there and reporting, we report the lies and dirtbags trying to get elected in a little county in Texas called- Liberty...

By, R. Akins

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Anonymous said...

Mr. Buchanan had his time in the sun..... and it shriveled his old face and body up. Now all the good ole turds he helped get in office the last forty years are headed toward the graveyard with him and Liberty needs to get some honest people to run for office. We have some good folks in there now and we have a few turds and a few kooks (like Donna Brown was), but we need some more good officials. Buchanas of this world will replace themselves if we dont get a handle on this.