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Tuesday, November 26, 2019

PARTISANSCHIFF: by Andrew McCreight

Adam Schiff is one of the most insignificant human beings that has ever occupied space on planet earth.

I cannot believe that the Democrats are allowing this Political Animal to drag them down into the political abyss. He is the worst example of what a politician should be. He is loyal to himself only. I do not believe that he has the best interest of the country at hand.

I do not care what comes out of the Impeachment Proceedings. I will henceforth an forever support President Donald Trump. He has turned the Washington Establishment on its head.  He has done what no President has done before. He has created a Super Nova Economy. He has lifted more people out of poverty than any Human Being that has ever existed. He is a champion of the military. He has taken back control of World Events instead of bowing to foreign Leaders. He is making our Allies and Foes pay for are no longer having to shoulder all of the financial burden to keep Europe and the rest of the planet safe. HE IS DRAINING THE SWAMP!

As for as Quid Pro Quo goes when it comes to Ukraine, SO FN BE IT!

I want to know who was behind the corrupt attack on Candidate Donald Trump's campaign for the President of the United States. I want to FN know if Joe Biden's son was paid off and by whom. I want to know if Joe used the power of the Vice Presidents Office to Protect his Son. I want to know if the Ukrainians helped Hillary Clinton with the rotten no count Russian Conspiracy Connection that was never proven by Mueller, Comey, and the Deep State! I want just one of these sorry ass bastards to go to jail and prove to the American People that Justice is not a one way street. It is OK for democrats to go to jail!

I can say bad things about Democrats because in my younger years I was one.

But F'em now!

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